G Suite




G Suite is a fantastic solution for organisations with less structured hardware requirements.

These situations can often be Franchise businesses or microbusinesses.


Below are a few benefits of using G Suite:


1. Document-Sharing
Collaboration is the key to your small business. With G Suite you can easily share your files with fellow team members in the G Suite account using Team Drive.

2. Increased File Storage
File storage is becoming a problem of big corporations down to small businesses. Mailbox storage tripled in size over three (3) years as users shared large files, need to retain and search large numbers of emails. G Suite allows you to keep all of your data in the cloud and only have what you are using on your devices. This means greater storage space and less hardware costs for expensive local storage.

3. Have your own domain name
Have emails with your own domain name. MSD can help you create an email system from an existing website you may have or help you create a new .au

4. Manage your team’s email accounts and files are owned by the company
If the employee leaves the company, you can control and access the employee’s email in G Suite and the files (Google Docs, Slides, Sheets). If individuals leave the company, MSD or a power user can ensure the owner has full access to the files. While those who leave lose access to the files, the team access continues uninterrupted.

5. Single Sign-In
Tired of multiple sign-ins, G Suite enables a single sign-in for other cloud-based business applications such as DocuSign, Salesforce etc. Nearly any website that supports sign on with a Google account!

6. Seamless experience to all devices (*using Chrome)
Simply by signing in regardless of what devices your team is using, it could be Microsoft, Mac, or Android. G Suite allows users to store and share in the cloud, synchronizing files across all your connected devices, and connecting your real time.


MSD recommend Office 365 for most, if not all businesses. Some of these reasons against G Suite include privacy concerns, minimal DLP, compatibility issues, requires 3rd Party applications to match competitors, lacks basic document features and often users still require Microsoft Office increasing the cost of G Suite overall.