Business continuity

Yes, you run a modern small business. Yes, its operations depend on IT systems. So be honest, do you really know how resilient your systems are?

Are they up to date? Do you know exactly what the pieces of critical hardware are? Do you know how to stay on top of all the patches, updates and monitoring? Do you have the plans in place to recover when disaster strikes?

In our experience, 99 percent of small businesses cannot answer these questions fully. The other 1 percent have a business continuity provider. These are the 1 percent who thrive when others fail. 

Business continuity planning for IT systems ensures your business has the:

  • Agility to avoid hazards
  • Resources to tackle challenges
  • Contingency planning to recover from disasters.

By implementing a tailored business continuity strategy of prevention, mitigation and response actions, you can be sure that your IT systems – and all the business operations that depend on them – are never the weak link.

It will turn IT from what helps your business function into what makes it grow – bigger, stronger and more profitable!

In other words, business continuity means uptime – always.

Resting on a solid base of IT strategy, business continuity has three pillars:

  1. Professional services
  2. Expert advice and support to monitor and maintain your systems, helping you plan for and manage disasters effectively.

  3. Operational performance optimisation
  4. Ensuring your IT systems support normal operations by being as efficient and healthy as possible. This includes routine maintenance, backups, monitoring and break-fix troubleshooting.

  5. Disaster management

Preparing for and responding to disasters – both those you can anticipate and those that are totally random. This includes creating a disaster recovery plan, testing your plan and staff training.

For us, providing business continuity planning touches on many aspects of our work:

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