Integrated Taxi Management Accounting System

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the ITMAS Solution?

MSD owns all the application software that comprises the ITMAS solution. As such we are in a position to fully support, maintain, and improve its usage within the Taxi Industry. If there are problems we can modify and correct the system immediately. Under the terms and conditions associated with the usage of the ITMAS software we are obliged to fix any bugs in the system free of charge as soon as we are made aware of them. This is great incentive to us to minimise both the effect and occurrence of bugs within the application.

How many people can work in the system at the same time?

The system provides true multi user functionality.  Multiple people can work in the same area of the system at the same time.  Additionally all functions and information can be accessed from any connected workstation, (screen or personal computer), provided the user has the necessary authority.  There is no need to move from desk to desk to perform different functions.

What security is provided with ITMAS, can I restrict certain options to specific people only?

A menu security system provides access to the ITMAS options.  People can only access the information and functions that they are authorised to. If a person does not have authority to an option they do not even know it exists.  Additionally, a full audit trail of the options selected is provided.

How long has the ITMAS system been in operation?

The ITMAS system has been in operation since 1990 although the current version has significant features and additional modules not found in the original.  ITMAS is currently the market leader with 18.5% of the Australian market in providing a total back office solution to the taxi industry.  To maintain this, the product is continually being enhanced by increasing functionality and implementing additional modules as required or as technology permits.

What email system is recommended

Lotus Domino Server and Lotus Notes Clients version 8.5 or greater is the recommended collaboration integration platform.  Seemless integration of specific data between the ITMAS database and Domino Appications can significantly enhance the overall solution and productivity.

If I choose to purchase outright can I lease the solution?

Whilst this solution can be purchased outright, many of our customers choose to lease the package and thus implement the solution as an operating cost rather than a balance sheet item.

With a leasing solution, companies such as Adelaide and Cumberland have achieved financial benefits far and beyond their monthly lease payments. This has been achieved through more efficient processing with lower staff requirements, whilst at the same time increasing their business activity.

Leasing Finance is available through many organisations. IBM leasing offers a range of products, which may suit your requirements (subject to approval and final confirmation of pricing).

How will MSD provide support if we purchase the solution?

MSD\’s preferred method of support where access to the system is required is to connect via the Internet.  This connection method reduces the communication costs and enables more immediate investigation of any problems and resolutions.  Internet connection fees have not been included as a cost for the traditional installation but may be a consideration.  Our suggestion would be for an ADSL connection to the Internet with a fixed IP address, as this provides a permanent connection and ADSL is generally cheaper than the alternatives of ISDN or Frame Relay.

As an estimate only, we would suggest ADSL connections would be approximately $200 per month.  MSD would be happy to provide assistance or additional information about the possible Internet connection options available and the benefits of each.

If an Internet connection is not available a dial-up support method can be used.

What are the standard modifications included in the price comparison?

In all installations certain basic modifications are required to modify standard reports to suit the company’s pre-printed stationery.  These include:

  •  Debtor statement print
  •  Debtors cheque remittance
  •  Creditor statement print
  •  Creditors cheque remittance

What cabling do I need?

If you already have a Local Area Network, (LAN), additional cabling would be minimal, possibly only an extra network connection if no spares exist.  Alternatively, if all personal computers were stand alone you would need to install network equipment and cabling to attach all devices.

No inclusion has been made for cabling costs.  Should you require, MSD would be happy to provide consultation on cabling requirements.

What is included in a site inspection?

Traditional and Rental Model

¨ Review operation in detail to ensure ITMAS suitability
¨ Identify any company specific modifications required to ITMAS
¨ Verify printer acceptability, locations and record make and model information
¨ Identify any new equipment requirements
¨ Determine cabling requirements
¨ Verify pre-printed stationery for use with the ITMAS software

Traditional Model

¨ Determine location for IBM iSeries Server
¨ Verify availability of power requirements
¨ Verify access to telstra socket for IBM Electronic Customer Support and MSD remote support if Internet access not available.
¨ Recommend backup methodology and tape quantity requirements