Front Counter

Integrated Taxi Management Accounting System

Front Counter


The Front Counter module enables the transactions commonly performed in a front counter environment to be handled simply and quickly.  The module has been designed for operator(s) operating out of a drawer to provide the day to day transactions through one entry facility.  The drawer concept is similar to a bank teller. Float transactions enable an opening balance to be assigned to the drawer.  Balancing transactions enable any discrepancies to be entered when the drawer is closed off and balanced.  Transactions that can be performed at the counter include:

  • Dockets to operators account
  • Dockets cashed
  • Cash sales
  • Account sales
  • Cash receipting to operators or multiple accounts


  • Allows for simple over the counter transactions
  • Sale of Items such as taxi decals, street maps etc.
  • Over the counter Cash Receipting (to operator accounts)
  • Over the counter acceptance of Cabcharge dockets
  • Fully integrated to the financials
  • Fully integrated to the cab data base