Features & Benefits

Admin/4i Features and Benefits

Admin/4i provides the following features and benefits:

  • Save time in setting Security and Application Access for your users
  • COMMON INTERFACE to ALL APPLICATIONS via dynamically generated menus
  • Dynamic and transparent SWITCHING BETWEEN PROCESSES
  • Interactive MENU MAINTENANCE   Changes take effect immediately. One interface to all applications
  • AUDIT TRAIL – Jobs done when and by whom.  Great for tracking errors, etc
  • Flexible MENU ITEMS  Call  programs, execute commands or submit jobs
  • APPLICATION DEFINITION  Instant deployment
  • GROUP JOBS – Up to 16 jobs available
  • BACKGROUND SCHEDULER – run regular jobs in an unattended mode
  • LOCK SYSTEM for software changes and housekeeping  ensuring integrity
  • Cross Grade  /  Trade-In Offer
  • Multi Language support. (SBCS Only, Maintained within application)
  • Import / Export for NETWORKS (keep multiple systems menus in sync)
  • Full On-Line Help Text

MSD has installed Admin/4i in some of Australia’s largest and smallest companies and 16 countries worldwide since the first version in 1990.  MSD, an Australian (Brisbane)  company, designed,  wrote, own and markets Admin/4i.  The benefit to our clients is they can talk directly with the developers for any support, maintenance, enhancement or special requirement.