Disaster management

  • Avoid – Access and password management, updates, cybersecurity
  • Minimise – Helpdesk, cyber insurance advice, training, testing
  • Recover – Backups, planning, prioritisation

Things can happen when you least expect it: acts of God, power blackouts, natural disasters …

Unprecedented (even unimaginable) events are going to hit your business eventually. It won’t be your fault, but it will be your responsibility.

The right business continuity strategy can get you ahead of the risks, helping you avoid the hazards and containing the consequences.

You must prevent, defend and rebound … and you don’t have to do it alone

Preparing for and responding to disasters – both those you can anticipate and those that are totally random. This includes creating a disaster recovery plan, testing your plan and staff training.

For us, providing business continuity planning touches on many aspects of our work:

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