EFT Payments

Integrated Taxi Management Accounting System

Electronic Payments (EFT)


The Electronic Payments module is designed to allow for the payment of creditors (and Debtors in correct circumstances) via EFT. Accounts are set up within the Financials indicating payment method to be Cheque or EFT. Those who require EFT payment can be selected and processed independently of those who receive payment via Cheque. EFT download files are automatically created and sent to the PC where your standard banking software takes over and processes the transactions through to the bank.

Used in conjunction with the Cab Charge Internet Processing module specific owner accounts can be flagged to receive payments outside the normal 4-Weekly or Monthly payment cycle. When processing these specific types of payment runs the Electronic Payments module has been designed to select only those payments from the Cab Charge Internet Processing module. In addition you can set your own rules dictating which accounts are eligible for payment (e.g. in credit balance, were fully paid up as at last statement etc.).

This is a whole new area of processing brought about by the introduction of EFTPOS into taxis and this system will allow you to respond in a manner suited to your company’s requirements.


  • Identify accounts requiring payment by Cheque or EFT.
  • Identify accounts to be included in specific Cab Charge EFT payment runs.
  • Allows multiple payment runs to be in progress at one time.
  • All Payment runs clearly show their current state and what stages are yet to be performed to complete the process.
  • EFT file layouts are available for all the major banks.
  • Using the Electronic Payments module allows for the payment of Cab Charge Internet EFTPOS income to be paid to owners outside the normal 4-Weekly or Monthly payment cycles. (See Cab Charge Internet Processing Module).