FAQs – Admin/4i

Frequently Asked Questions

We are currently migrating from system 36 environment to RPG IV and and ILE RPG, can we combine system 36 procedures and RPG program calls within Admin/4i?

Admin/41 treats each menu item uniquely.  An item can run;

  • a system 36 procedure,
  • any native program, (RPG, COBOL, Java, CLP, etc),
  • system commands

and these can be run either interactively or submitted to batch.  Admin/4i simplifies the migration from system 36 environment to IBMi and is completely seamless to the users.

Our company has 34 AS/400’s around the world.  Each machine is identically setup.  When we add any new functions we have to update every machine individually.  Could you tell me more about your support for networks of AS/400’s?

Admin/4i has a module dedicated to the Export/Import of menu items.  New or changed menu items are easily identified, selected and exported to any number of other systems.  Other systems could be;

  • physically different machines,
  • another partition on a single system or
  • multiple environments on a single machine.

The complete process can be automated and scheduled to enable all environments to remain synchronised.

Our company has offices in Australia, France, Italy and the US that all connect to our IBMi.  Can Admin/4i provide multi language support?

Admin/4i has built in language codes that support the ebcdic character set.  Simply put you can define multiple language codes and then enter the menu item description for each language.  Each user has a default language code and can optionally select to view descriptions in any of the language codes that have been setup.  Currently there is no support for Double Byte Character Set, (DBCS), languages such as Chinese, Japanese, etc.

We have a large overnight batch processing requirement with many dependencies and run sequence requirements.  Can Admin/4i help in simplifying these overnight runs?

Admin/4i’s batch scheduler has built in job dependencies.  The scheduler can

  • Submit jobs at a certain date and time
  • Run one or more jobs on the successful completion of a job
  • A job can be dependent on a job, that is dependent on a job, that is …
  • If a job terminates abnormally an alternate job, (to the one initiated on successful completion), can be initiated.

Scheduled jobs are easily defined, have there own frequency schedule, complete history of each run and can have completely unique parameters including Job Description, Job Queue, Output Queue etc.

What backup features does Admin/4i provide?

Admin/4i’s backup module provides for simple, automated, backups.  The module incorporates a tape cycle definition and a backup cycle definition.  The tape cycle defines the tapes available for use and their relative location and the backup cycle defines the objects to be backed up.  Cycle descriptions allow for the following backups;

  • Save entire library
  • Save changed objects
  • Save individual objects
  • Save IFS objects or directories
  • Saving to tape or disk (Save Files)

A full history of data saved is maintained enabling simple restores of libraries or individual objects.

The Admin/4i backup module positions itself between a BRMS specialised solution and the manual process of entering OS/400 save commands.

Admin/4i maintenance is charged at 20% of purchase price, what does that entitle us to?

Admin/4i maintenance entitles the customer to the following;

  • All updates to the product (Point releases, Major releases and New versions)
  • Email support – this is preferred unless the matter is urgent
  • Telephone support for any technical problem
  • Telephone assistance with any installation or configuration problems
  • Updates to the documentation
  • Access to any technical journals or white papers released for the product
  • Contribute to the future enhancements of Admin/4i via the MSD website forum
  • General support**

** General support is assessed on a call by call basis and may attract a service fee based on the nature of the call.  Any service fee applicable will be advised prior to commencement of support.