Self Aid Insurance

Integrated Taxi Management Accounting System

Self-Aid Insurance


Many Taxi companies subsidise or assist their members with insurance for their vehicles.  This Self-Aid Insurance module automates the functions.  The module provides policy calculator with quick quote functions, flexible premium tables and full claim processing.


  • Flexible insurance period, common renewal date, single year or specify any period
  • Flexible payments: Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, User defined.  Payments can include additional fees: Administration fee, Interest charge.
  • Policy calculator including cancellations and policy generator
  • Support for other company’s vehicles (Outside Cab Database)
  • Amortisation over policy period
  • Automatic renewal process
  • Claims register
  • All financial transactions entered through Self-Aid Insurance and posted to financials.  No double keying
  • All transactions clearly identifiable on owners statement
  • Full history of policy and claim details
  • Fully integrated to the Cab Data for vehicle information
  • Fully integrated to the financials
  • Comprehensive reporting options