Security & Cyber Protection

Cyber security is a real threat.

The realisation of cyberspace as a warfighting domain generates a series of questions regarding
the nature of war, the characteristics of war in cyberspace, and the role of cyber capabilities in
any future conflict.

Internal IT teams may cost you big and still use the old ideas and outdated technology trying to secure your network.

MSD is a Managed Service Provider who is at the forefront of most technologies available as not all solutions suit all businesses. This gives MSD the advantage to not only secure your network but secure your Personal or Private Clouds and Cloud Access.

MSD has been around since the time passwords were optional, this means we have solutions and foundation to support your business.


Some Cyber Security Services MSD provide are:

  • Simple Penetration Testing
  • Advanced Penetration Testing
  • Secure network/system access
  • Essential 8 compliance
  • Malware & Antivirus Protection
  • Password management & dark web scanning
  • Web Filtering
  • much much more!

If you are unsure of where your company stands with cyber security, please contact us now!