Cab Database

Integrated Taxi Management Accounting System

Cab Database


The Cab Database is the core module within the ITMAS solution. It defines the ownership and usage of Taxi Licences and is the one central point from which all taxi operation and vehicle information is referenced.

Changes made in the Cab Database immediately have effect throughout all the modules of the system.


  • Identify the Owners, Operators, and Payees to the Taxi License
  • Identify the responsible parties to the debtor’s ledger within the financials
  • Assign standing charges such as radio fees, loan repayments, lease payments or any other charges required
  • Detailed information of vehicle operated
  • Driver details and history of drivers  (Also used within Self-Aid Insurance and Managed/Leased cab modules)
  • Full history of interested parties to the license and previous vehicles operated.
  • Detailed reporting and enquiry options