Taxi Management

ITMAS – Your Integrated Back Office Solution

ITMAS or the Integrated Taxi Management Accounting System was developed to provide a total back office solution specifically for the taxi industry.  As an industry specific solution, many of the features provided in the base system are not available in other solutions or require the use of multiple separate programs or systems.

As such, being a fully integrated solution means you save considerable time … information only needs to be entered once and updates flow through to all relevant modules … automatically.

This solution caters for all the day-to-day transactional processes of the company.  It is fast, efficient, robust and a proven product within the taxi industry.

It provides a solution to all your financial and taxi specific management requirements.

In summary the ITMAS solution offers you 7 key advantages.

  1. One Integrated system
  2. Details only entered once – One version of the truth
  3. Specifically designed for the Australian Taxi Industry
  4. All history retained … indefinitely
  5. Reliability, ITMAS is a business strength solution provided on a business strength platform.
  6. Availability, the ITMAS solution allows multiple users to perform almost any function concurrently from any connected personal computer.
  7. Scalability, ITMAS provides a solution that can grow with your business

Let me walk you through exactly what you’ll get with the ITMAS total solution.

Here is what your investment in the ITMAS solution includes …

  • ITMAS, is a fully integrated, single system solution
  • All financial calculations are performed within the system – no manual calculations are required
  • One Integrated system therefore financial position reflected as transactions processed
  • Human error minimised as details only entered once
  • Full history retention – Existing users with over 10 years of history
  • All functions accessed from any connected PC – no shifting desks to perform different tasks