Email/Spam Filtering

Besides the obvious Spam, Phish or Viral attacks, there is Graymail.

An often overlooked nuisance in the ICT space.

Graymail is often unwanted/unsolicited emails that are for all intents and purposes legitimate email.


Graymail often doesn’t contain harmful links and you may have inadvertently signed up to receive it thus why it is not labelled Spam. This means most email systems let the emails straight through.


Graymail is a cousin to those classifiers is for “bulk mail” (e.g. newsletters, opt-in emails, etc.). Bulk mail can often be used to mask attacks and threats. Having solutions in place to mark, quarantine or block any of your mail flow gives you control when you need it.



MSD can provide solutions to help mitigate not only Graymail but also Spam, Phish, Spear-Phish, Bulk Mail and Virus attacks.