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Linux-Based Firewalls

Most companies today have a connection to the internet. While connected you are at risk of having your data compromised. Linux firewalls offer a way to secure your internet connection for any size company. Firewalls built on Linux provide a cost effective, flexible and scalable solution, for almost any situation.

To save you more money we may be able to use a PC you already have. Linux doesn't need the latest and greatest hardware to provide a stable and fast firewall.

Linux firewalls can offer

Internet sharing
Virus Protection on all HTTP, FTP and SMTP traffic
DNS Caching
Web Page (HTTP) proxy
Inter-office VPN
and more

MSD's firewall solutions start from $990 plus any hardware costs.

For more info or to talk to one of our technical staff regarding your requirements email or call us on 07 3368 7888


If you do supply the hardware, it must comply to MSD's minimun specifications and be fault free.
All prices include GST.