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Trend Micro provide Best-of-Breed Anti-Virus solutions ... thats all they do! According to IDC Trend are #1 in gateway market (41%), #1 in groupware/e-mail market (23%), #1 in overall server market (27%) and the company with the highest growth rate (51% YoY) ... a clear market leader.

Most corporations have deployed a desktop antivirus product, but this often still leaves a major window open for viruses to get in. Viruses these days are dispersed quickly via email and this is just one of many attack windows Trend can help protect even before a pattern file is released.

InterScan Messaging Security Suite (IMSS)

Viruses today are more destructive and spread faster than ever before. From the time a virus is detected to the time a pattern file is made available, it can already be too late. The virus could already have infected your computer network. Being infected causes loss of Productivity, Data and even Reputation.

With Trends policy-based, antivirus and content security solution for email gateways, IMSS, not only do you get a solution that can detect and clean viruses from a pattern file but you get the addional benefits of ...
Filtering incoming and outgoing mail
Mass-mailer worm detection
Spam filtering
Advanced disclaimer functions
Most importantly
can prevent the outbreak of new email-borne viruses BEFORE a pattern file is released

This can save you a lot of time and expense in recovering from a virus that has infected any part of your network.


NeatSuite combines a number of Trends antivirus products into this one affordable package. NeatSuite provides protection for ALL points of entry. With browser based central management it is quick and easy to check that all entry points are up to date and to maintain your configuration. Trend by having multi-platform products provide a Total Solution. NeatSuite comprises the following products ...

InterScan Virus Wall

96% of viruses enter your network via the Internet Gateway. With most computers these days being connected to the internet the chance of a virus entering your network is extremely high. InterScan Virus Wall provides protection at the first point of entry and plays a major role in protecting your network. It can scan all SMTP, HTTP and FTP traffic for viruses stopping the threat from getting inside your network and potentially causing damage.

Platforms: Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, AIX

ScanMail for the messaging platform

ScanMail provides protection for your e-mail and groupware systems from virus attacks. In this environment just scanning SMTP mail is not enough as large amounts of information is stored in your e-mail or groupware systems and is never mailed externally.

Platforms: Lotus Domino, Microsoft Exchange, OpenMail

ServerProtect for file and terminal servers

ServerProtect is just that. It provides protection for file servers, terminal servers (including Citrix), and network appliances. Like all of Trends anti-virus products, ServerProtect performs real time scans of compressed files.

Platforms: Windows, Novell NetWare, Linux, EMC Celerra

OfficeScan for Desktops

OfficeScan Corporate Edition provides comprehensive virus protection for desktop and mobile clients. OfficeScan offers centralized management features, which allow administrators to fully manage and enforce antivirus policies across the entire organization. Designed to provide reliable and transparent virus scanning and virus removal, OfficeScan incorporates robust damage clean-up services, which help remove malicious code and repair system damage caused by malicious code.

Platforms: Windows

Control Manager for central management

Trend Micro Control Manager provides centralised management of Trend Micro antivirus and content security products throughout the network. Control Manager consolidates system-wide security status information to help administrators take consistent action at different levels of the network throughout the outbreak lifecycle. A key component of Trend Micro Enterprise Protection Strategy, an industry-unique approach that addresses mixed-threat attacks through coordinated delivery of products, services and expertise, Control Manager provides a central command center for deployment of services that deliver expertise from Trend Micro's extensive, global network of security and engineering experts, to specific points across the network.

Platforms: Windows (But will control products on other platforms)