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IBM i Servers

 As an accredited and certified IBM business partner MSD offer the full range of IBM i servers including new equipment, upgrades, hardware maintenance renewals and software maintenance renewals. 

Our qualified technical staff can ensure that the system is sized appropriately for your business needs.  Additionally, we can show you how to best utilise the extreme versatility of the IBM I to make your investment most cost-effective.

For our existing IBM i customers, we can provide a complete upgrade service for both hardware and software.

Worried about the big jump to V7R3? No problem, we've done all the hard work and can provide the necessary expertise for this upgrade.

MSD can provide competitive quotes on hardware maintenance or software maintenance

Do you know when your contracts expire for IBM i Hardware Maintenance and Software maintenance?

Renewal notices are no longer being sent by IBM.  Ask us, we'll find out when they're due and how much it will cost you to renew.

For more information, call us on 07 3368 7888 or email

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xSeries Servers

Through a combination of mainframe-inspired technologies and intelligent management tools, xSeries servers give you real hands-off reliability.This sophisticated functionality is available in a wide range of systems, from appliances to enterprise-class servers,engineered to fit any environment.

Rack Optimised Servers

Powerful performance in the smallest package. Ideal for ISP/ASP environments or areas where space is constrained. Rack-optimised servers help solve the data centre space dilemma by delivering outstanding performance and manageability in the slimmest chassis possible.

Universal Servers

Servers to meet a variety of needs including file, print, application, and mail serving. Ideal for small businesses or departmental computing. Universal servers deliver versatility in designs that convert from tower to rack-mount.Value models take small business serving to new levels of productivity at very affordable prices; larger enterprise models combine maximum internal scalability and a range of high-availability tools for intense workloads.

For more information, call us on 07 3368 7888 or email