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Lotus Domino - More than just email!

Domino facilitates collaboration

From industrial-strength messaging, to interactive applications with connectivity to back-office systems like supply chain management and sales force automation, thousands of e-business solutions run on Domino today.

Domino is the premier platform for collaborative Web applications.

Domino's integrated application services-such as security, workflow and content management-optimize the platform for rapid delivery of the collaborative Web applications you need to initiate and strengthen key business relationships. Built-in connection services provide live access to leading relational databases, transaction systems and ERP applications. And you can use leading third party Web development tools along with Domino's integrated development environment.

Domino is standards-based

Domino offers the industry's most comprehensive support for internet messaging standards, with internet addressing, SMTP routing and MIME content support all native. Plus full support for E/SMTP, S/MIME, SSL, POP3, IMAP4, LDAP, HTTP, HTML, SNMP and all the rest. Domino delivers the utmost in interoperability with your current tools and systems. And the ultimate in extensibility, so you can more easily reach out to your customers and partners.

Domino is choice

With Domino, you can protect current investments and make new choices based on business needs. Domino runs on all popular platforms, including Windows NT, OS/2, UNIX, OS/400, Linux and S/390. And Domino supports your choice of clients: the revolutionary Lotus Notes R5 client, your favorite Web browser, Microsoft Outlook, Eudora and more-even handheld devices like PDAs, cellular phones and pagers.

Domino is easy to extend

Lotus offers an unbeatable array of integrated products to extend and add value to your Domino infrastructure.