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IBM Lotus Team Workplace is a Web-based collaborative team workspace.

IBM Lotus Team Workplace integrates an enterprise's with existing applications, such as Lotus Notes 6 and Notes R5, Lotus Sametime and Microsoft Office XP to help users schedule meetings, manage tasks, communicate in realtime, present ideas and create and edit documents using familiar tools. IBM Lotus Team Workplace is a self-service application so once administrators install the software on the server, users can take responsibility for creating a new team workspace and managing users for the workspace.

IBM Lotus Team Workplace has the customization capabilities that allow companies to maximize their investment in Web applications. Web designers and developers can customize the look and features of IBM Lotus Team Workplace to fit either horizontal or an industry segment's specific requirements. Changes to the look and functions of multiple IBM Lotus Team Workplace can be propagated simulateously through centralized administration and template designs. A IBM Lotus Team Workplace can also be integrated in a Web portal using the IBM Lotus Team Workplace Java/XML API.

IBM Lotus Team Workplace's design allows team members to find information quickly by giving them the ability to search across all the "Places" they have membership in as well as search within a single "Place." Unlike most Web applications, team members can also bring information with them "off-line" when they disconnnect from the network using Domino Off-Line Services. Administrators can make use of existing of directories and manage multiple servers and clusters from a single console.