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Integrated Taxi Management Accounting System



The financial modules provide fully integrated Debtors, Creditors, and General Ledgers.  User defined parameters enable the system to be tailored to individual needs.  Double validation of financial transactions enables other systems to be interfaced easily, and ensures system integrity.

Transactions are retained over year end boundaries and may be kept indefinitely.  We have customers with over 10 years information, all instantly accessible.  Auditors have commented on the ease of accessing information and the audit trail maintained by the system.  All transactions have a unique audit number and drill down features enable transactions to be explored at the same detail level as they were entered.
GST calculations are easy and efficient, the information provided allows for simple and timely generation of the BAS statement.  One customer produces BAS statements for 5 companies in less than half a day. 

The variable report writer facility enables specific financial reports to be created. Account selection is very flexible and the calculations can range from simple to complex. Balances, movements, and budget information can be retrieved from the general ledger.



General Ledger

The general ledger is automatically interfaced with the receivable and payable ledgers. The general ledger account structure promotes accurate and consistent maintenance of the system, and allows for flexible inquiries and reporting. Strict error checking ensures that all ledgers always remain in balance.

Accounts Receivable

The accounts receivable ledger provides for the entry of invoicing details, and cash receipting. The reporting, transaction processing, sales, and balance history facilities, provide for informative processing of debtors. The accounts receivable module can also allow cheque processing for nominated subledgers. The accounts within these subledgers are treated like a debtor and a creditor. Cheques can be processed where an account is in credit.

Accounts Payable

The accounts payable ledger provides for the entry of creditors invoicing, discounts to be applied, and cheque processing.  History of purchases and creditor balances are maintained.